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Well it’s been a very exciting year. Lots of changes for me, some good, some not so good and definitely some great ones. Retiring from my full time job after 30+ years has been the biggest change. It’s crazy how routines are a mind set and how your body reacts to change. I love getting up and not knowing what my day will be like.

Sticks and Pins attended a couple of craft and knitting fairs this past year. I can’t believe how much I enjoy being out there talking to people, meeting people that have purchased my bags and getting inspired by their positive comments. I look forward to more and new fairs in 2017.

One of the most exciting things I did was join fellow artisans and crafters in showcasing our products at The Nooks. This was a really big step for me. I was putting myself out there everyday in a store setting not knowing whether I had a product that would appeal to the general public. It has been great! Working on new products for The General Store to showcase in 2017 is keeping me busy.

A big thank you to Colleen Imrie, owner of the 4 Nook shops, the great staff and all the great customers who purchased my stuff.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

February Blahs

The February blahs would of had the best of me in the past, but not this year. I’ve been busy working on new bags, shopping for new fabrics and thinking up stuff for spinners!

I’ve had to move my creative space to the basement and it’s taking me some time to get used to working in a not so inspiring space, where I stashed all my bits and pieces and the overall set up. I was told that creativity can happen anywhere even in our basement!

Here’s a look at a few new inspirations.

Summer is almost here!

In anticipation of summer, hot weather, picnics and the beach, I decided a couple of new bags were needed. I had some scrap fabrics from quilting jelly rolls in my scrap stash so I put them to good use in a clothesline bag. It was a bit tricky at first trying to get that bowl shape while at the same time wrapping the fabric around your clothesline. Once that was done, I lined it, added leather handles and its ready it go. For a first time project I think it looks pretty good.

The second bag was much easier. I already had the straw bag, all I had to do was add lining and some trim. I really like the drawstring top, keeps everything inside and out of sight. I’m hoping to make a few more to put up on my Esty shop.

Clothesline ToteIMG_1203


All Done

The crappy weather has actually worked in my favour. I’ve been able to finish a couple of knit projects and I finally got around to making a case for the Kobo I bought myself for my birthday!

Knit cardigan with mock cable. Knit with a bamboo and rayon yarn. I love the drape.


Hand knit slipper socks with suede soles. Yarn is 100% wool.



Lovely hand knit silk and wool scarf



My Kobo case, love it. Check out the snap buckle closure.