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My Bloomin’ Coat

Does this ever happen to you. You’re out shopping or window shopping and you spot a dress, skirt or coat that you really, really want and your first thought is “I’m sure I can make that”, well that’s what happened to me with this knitted coat. When I saw it, I knew I could knit it, top-down, raglan sleeves, shawl collar, piece of cake. This coat had faintly painted flowers along the bottom and then the flowers were embroidered. The knitting as I said not a problem, didn’t take long at all. Oh, I should tell you I started this project last August. Then I had to figure out how to paint those lovely darn flowers, I have to say I thought about this for months and was getting stressed thinking what I would do if it didn’t work out. All that knitting and making sure all the decreases and increases were done perfectly, and that the picot hem wasn’t all wonky and twisted, only to ruin it with fabric paint, which I didn’t figure out I could use till sometime in October. I made piles of swatches and tried brushes, rags and sponges to get the flowers looking just right. And then, I remembered stencils, duh, why not use a stencil. So, I took out that plastic stencil stuff, drew what I wanted and Bob’s your uncle! Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I’m sure you get the picture. Here it is, finally finished in February 2012, oh wait I still need to add snaps and buttons!