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Black and White

I have a friend, yes even more than one, that loves black and white. She recently re-fashioned her living room and dining room in a black and white theme. Knowing that I sew and quilt she asked if I had anything in of course, black and white. I went through my stash, started cutting, piecing, sewing and here’s what came out of it, can you spot the mix up of squares! I hate when this happens, excitement overruled on this one. I  like it despite the mix up of squares, it’s an original, ya that’s it, original. I’m betting she won’t even notice.

Black and White 45″ x 45″


Dress it Up


The last few weeks have been very busy both at work and at home. I love being busy at work, makes the day go faster. Isn’t it sad how we wish our days away.I’ve been sewing like crazy! I finally had a few days to myself after my vacation and I was happy to spend those days in my sewing room.
I had a few requests for iPad, iPod and iPhone cozies, covers, slips whatever you want to call them.  Here’s a sample of a few I put together. Let me know what you think, I always love to hear what people think, good or bad!

iPod cozies

iPad slip

iPhone cozies


Slips of a Different Colour

I’ve had lots of friends ask me about personalized ipad slips and here is one I put together. I used one of my favourite colours, yellow. I also added a pocket on the back easily fits a notebook and your screen cleaner. This has a button closure and of course it’s padded.
While I was at it I decide to put one together using a quilting square. It turned out great! This also has a button closure and of course it’s padded. Surprisingly this one seems to be everyone’s favourite!

Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes and Charms

So, in January while surfing the web for new, exciting, yarns, and patterns, I came across a quilting site. You know how they say we eat with our eyes first, well I was enthralled with all the great colours and patterns in quilting fabrics. Who new that quilting had evolved and entered the 21st century. These were not the quilts that I remembered from the ’60’s, ’70’s, ’80’s, of what the heck even the ’90’s. These didn’t have all those little flowered grandma looking fabrics, these had bold colours and layed out with wonky squares and stars. Being a sewer I new I could put together a quilt and all I needed to do was to find myself some funky fabric, fancy rulers, squares and cutting gadgets. Soon packages started arriving at my door, almost everyday. My husband thought I was running some kind of illegal business. I had packages from our friends south of the border (U.S), from China and from places I never heard of. I now have a cabinet stocked with all things quilting! And because I never do things small, it’s always go big or go home here is my first quilt. I know, maybe a photography course should be my next big thing.