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February Blahs

The February blahs would of had the best of me in the past, but not this year. I’ve been busy working on new bags, shopping for new fabrics and thinking up stuff for spinners!

I’ve had to move my creative space to the basement and it’s taking me some time to get used to working in a not so inspiring space, where I stashed all my bits and pieces and the overall set up. I was told that creativity can happen anywhere even in our basement!

Here’s a look at a few new inspirations.

It’s a New Year

A new year brings new resolutions for some people. For me this means the start of new lists. I love lists! I love making lists of things to do, things to buy, things to make and I love the honey-do-list for my husband(which seems to grow every year).

One of the first things I started was making a list of all the possible craft shows I could attend this year. From one of my previous posts you know that I attended my very first show last September and had a great time. This coming year I’m hoping I can fit in at least 4 shows, which means lots of designing and sewing. This leads me to my next list…

I have started a list of new or improved items for my Etsy shop. My follow knitters and crafters have given me tons of new ideas and what they would like to see in a project bag or to carry and store notions. I already have some new and interesting materials to work with.

This brings me to the next, but certainly not my last list. I have decided that it’s time to make an inventory list…not very exciting I know, but I have shelves, baskets, boxes and jars of stuff and for some reason forget I have it. I’m sure this happens to a lot of people, you go to the store or shop online, buy stuff, only to find that you already have 6 of the same and vow to put it away where you’ll remember, but can’t remember when you need it, so you buy more of the same. Of course, in my opinion, you can never have enough fabric or notebooks!

Stay tuned for some new items.


new fabrics


new stuff to work with

Baby it’s Cold Outside…

This past week has the been the coldest yet this winter with temperatures as low as -20 celsius, not sure what that is in farenheit, but I do know it’s cold!

When I was in Barbados I was trying to explain to a couple of Bajan ladies how cold our winters get and that you need hats and gloves, boots, heavy coats, and even though they kept nodding their heads and saying ‘okay’.  I not sure they really got it. I don’t blame them, why worry about how cold it gets in Toronto when I’m in Barbados with 30 celsius weather morning , noon, and night.  Geez, I wish I was there now.

The cold weather has kept me inside.  I have been busy putting together 3 quilt tops that were stashed away. One is a baby quilt, I love the fabric designs and bright colours, perfect for boy or girl.  I finally got around to making the ‘Disappearing Nine Patch’. I now understand why it’s called disappearing. Sew 9 squares together in a block, cut them this way and that, turn them around and sew back together and you would never know that you had started off with a block of 9, huh, love it! I also finished machine quilting a diamond patterned quilt put together with  HSTs. I used to have a love-hate relationship with HSTs, but I’m starting to really enjoy working with them, oh btw HST stands for Half Square Triangle for all you non-quilters 🙂

Here are some pics of what they look like and again please excuse the photography.

nine patchphotophotobaby quiltphotodiamonds


Feeding Time


What fun I had working on this little cute, sweet bibs. How perfect the Mama bird, feeding the baby birdie! These are hand embroidered on cotton fabric and I love the coordinating fabrics.

What more can I say, love them. I’ll now put them up on my Etsy Shop



Spring Blooms

I’ve caught the applique bug and here is my first project. I love tulips, in the spring my gardens are full of tulips of all colours so I thought why not try to tulips on a pillow case. My pillow case of course turned into this cute little quilt.

How perfect for a crib or as a wall hanging!

Slips of a Different Colour

I’ve had lots of friends ask me about personalized ipad slips and here is one I put together. I used one of my favourite colours, yellow. I also added a pocket on the back easily fits a notebook and your screen cleaner. This has a button closure and of course it’s padded.
While I was at it I decide to put one together using a quilting square. It turned out great! This also has a button closure and of course it’s padded. Surprisingly this one seems to be everyone’s favourite!

Bags Galore

I’ve been keeping busy sewing up these really cute bags. I love these! I use them for taking my small knitting projects with me, sock knitting and lace knitting stay nice and neat. I love using the drawstring bags when I go on vacation. I use them to carry my suntan lotions, camera and brush, whatever fits. I’ve even made ones to keep my shoes in.They can be used as a really cute summertime purse when all you need to carry is a credit card, phone, keys and lipstick!

I am sure there are 1,000 and 1 uses for these, so I’ll just keep sewing. The hardest part is picking out the fabrics, they’re all so beautiful.

BTW: I now have an Etsy shop. There isn’t very much there, just starting out. Wish me luck