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As promised…

…here are a few photos of projects I’ve been working on. I love this cute little owl pillow!



I am definitely going to make more table toppers.



And finally, this quilt says ‘summer’. I’m thinking pink lemonade, watermelon, orange sorbet and lime grape Popsicles!! You get the picture right…



And with that, I have my fingers crossed that mother nature will get her act together and we see picnic weather real so.


Time Flys

I can’t believe how fast time goes by. I just realized I hadn’t posted anything in over a month.
I have kept busy though, and that keeps me out of trouble! I sandwiched up 2 quilts, made a lovely spring appliqué table topper, quilted a table topper and made a really cute owl pillow. I also made my mom and my sister table toppers as Easter gifts.

Here’s a photo of the appliqued table topper


I’ll post photos of the rest of my projects tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll be a nice sunny day and I’ll be able to take some great pictures.
Till tomorrow….