Okay, what happened to November! I feel like November was only 2 weeks long. One week filled with family and friends birthdays and the second was a great vacation with the best people in the world in Barbados.
It’s now December and I have still need to start my Christmas shopping, finish sewing and knitting gifts and decorate the house. Of course the weekends are filled with open houses, martini parties and laundry, I have to fit that in somewhere. Honey, by the time January rolls around I am definitely going to need another vacation.

Anyway, I did manage to get this lovely beret knit and felted, partially felted, I like the pattern so I didn’t want to fully felt, or full felt or…you know what I mean right!



3 thoughts on “December?

    • Hi Mary, How are you, hope you’re ready for the holidays:) I still need to post the photo of the great pincushions you sent me, I promise to do that this week. I’m trying to get some baking done and at least go get a tree before my son comes home on Friday. Working full to e really sucks some times.

      Talk to you soon, Carmie

      • Be sure to stop by my blog & enter my giveaway hon! Free fabric up for grabs! I’ll be watching for the pics,,,but don’t put any pressure on yourself! Get ready for your son & Christmas! (Darling daughter is due home on Thursday,,,back home Sunday so it’s kinda sorta early Christmas this week here!)

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