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Breaking Out!

Yes, I’m breaking out, leaving my house today! I have been out of the house a total of 3 times since December 19th. That is the day I got the flu which turned into a head and chest cold and now has decided that it likes me too much to leave. It likes me so much that it’s decided to visit my husband. Yes, we’re both at home sick with a cold, even the drug store can’t help us get rid of this. Husband went to our local drug store yesterday for some Neocitron, Nyquil and anything else to help us sleep, breath turn comatose and the shelves were empty, even their own store brand had been depleted. Good to know that we’re not the only ones in the neighborhood housing a cold and flu.

Anyway, I did get some knitting and sewing done during my shut in. I knit the Market Jacket in a recording breaking (my own record of course) 8 days! I also sewed up 2 quilt tops, how’s that for being productive.

I do have to say that the instructions in the pattern for the cardigan are not always clear on what you’re supposed to do. This pattern is not for a beginner or for someone who needs detailed pattern instructions. Let me just say “a picture is worth a thousands words” holds true for this pattern. I’m really happy with the end result, well almost the end, I still need to buy and sew on the buttons and weave in some ends.

The quilt tops, well they need a bit more energy to put together so they’ll have to wait. It also takes more energy to photograph, I’ll post pictures later.

Market Jacket

Market Jacket

Connecting Squares Quilt

While I was sewing the binding around this quilt I started thinking about all the squares within squares on this quilt and how they all connected to make something beautiful. So here’s my take on Connecting Squares. Have a look at the photos and maybe you’ll come up with your own meaning of Connecting Squares. Thanks for stopping by and have a very Merry Christmas.

Connecting Squares

We spend a lifetime connecting dots and squares. Squares that connect that help shape who we are and who we become. Squares filled with people that we meet. Squares filled with friends that lead us to more friends and squares that connect us to our families.

Squares shape our future and for some those squares connect early in the journey. For others it takes many squares to show us our future, and the beauty of this is that we end up with many squares filled with memories and hopes for the future. And finally all those square connect to make this beautiful quilt.




Okay, what happened to November! I feel like November was only 2 weeks long. One week filled with family and friends birthdays and the second was a great vacation with the best people in the world in Barbados.
It’s now December and I have still need to start my Christmas shopping, finish sewing and knitting gifts and decorate the house. Of course the weekends are filled with open houses, martini parties and laundry, I have to fit that in somewhere. Honey, by the time January rolls around I am definitely going to need another vacation.

Anyway, I did manage to get this lovely beret knit and felted, partially felted, I like the pattern so I didn’t want to fully felt, or full felt or…you know what I mean right!