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Black and White

I have a friend, yes even more than one, that loves black and white. She recently re-fashioned her living room and dining room in a black and white theme. Knowing that I sew and quilt she asked if I had anything in of course, black and white. I went through my stash, started cutting, piecing, sewing and here’s what came out of it, can you spot the mix up of squares! I hate when this happens, excitement overruled on this one. I  like it despite the mix up of squares, it’s an original, ya that’s it, original. I’m betting she won’t even notice.

Black and White 45″ x 45″


Tea cozy for you!

I was a bit shocked when my son, who’s in university, asked me to make him a tea cozy. I love making stuff for family and friends. I was so excited, I took his measurements and got sewing.
Okay, it did look a bit small. I should have realized that I screwed up somewhere with my cutting.
But I was so excited that I sent it to him anyway. Was I surprised when he told me it fit his mug an not his teapot, Not!
I did figure out what I did wrong and got a new one in the mail the next day.

Oh, I fixed his slipped socks, so cute!

Should have clued in, right?

Perfect size!

Yes, big foot