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Dress it Up


The last few weeks have been very busy both at work and at home. I love being busy at work, makes the day go faster. Isn’t it sad how we wish our days away.I’ve been sewing like crazy! I finally had a few days to myself after my vacation and I was happy to spend those days in my sewing room.
I had a few requests for iPad, iPod and iPhone cozies, covers, slips whatever you want to call them.  Here’s a sample of a few I put together. Let me know what you think, I always love to hear what people think, good or bad!

iPod cozies

iPad slip

iPhone cozies


Slips of a Different Colour

I’ve had lots of friends ask me about personalized ipad slips and here is one I put together. I used one of my favourite colours, yellow. I also added a pocket on the back easily fits a notebook and your screen cleaner. This has a button closure and of course it’s padded.
While I was at it I decide to put one together using a quilting square. It turned out great! This also has a button closure and of course it’s padded. Surprisingly this one seems to be everyone’s favourite!

Almost splits ville


Okay remember I blogged about my new friend Juki 600, well today I almost threw my friend out the window.

I have 2 quilts to finish by August 13. The tops are done, yesterday I sandwiched them up and this morning I started to FMQ one of them. I set the machine up put on some music and off I went. Not 5  minutes into my sewing and the thread breaks, I re-thread start again and it breaks, over and over and over again. Why, why, why, I did everything right, I was using the right needle and the right thread.  I spent all day, I mean from 9am till 5pm,  trying to fix the problem. I finally resorted using my 20  year old Kenmore.  Should have done that  the first time the thread broke. I have to stop trying to fix everything.