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My New Friend

I know it’s been about 2 weeks since my last post, but life gets busy especially with a full-time job. So, I got a new friend and her name is Juki!

My Juki arrived last week, I unpacked her and put her to work. I love it. Everything I had read about the Juki is true. I bought the Juki HZL-F600, almost sounds like a fighter plane, after reading reviews and it was better priced than the Bernina I was thinking of getting. Now I can have my Juki and a vacation which makes hubby very happy. One last thing, if you have never shopped at Allbrands, you should try it, amazing service and pricing.

On and Off the Needles

I’ve had this project on the needles for about 2 months and it’s time it came off the needles! It’s the Liesl Tunic by Cocoknits, knit in Louet Euroflax 100% wet spun linen. I love this yarn. It feels rough when you’re knitting with it, but becomes so soft and flowing once it’s washed. This linen is not only machine washable, but dryable, you can put it in the dryer!

This colourway is called Coconut.

I can’t wait to finish it and start something new. I hate starting new knitting projects until I’m done with what I’m working on. This tunic will look great with a white t-shirt and capri pants. Only 2 inches to go, sew the shoulder seems, block and it’s done. I’ll have this baby ready to wear on the weekend, which just happens to be a long weekend!

The Swoon is good

So here is the finished quilt top of the Swoon…and I am so happy with how it turned out. Now that I have it pinned up or taped up on the wall, it is a rather large quilt, I wonder how I’m going to get this on my sewing machine to quilt. Huh, maybe it’s time to upgrade my sewing machine, a Bernina 550 QE, now that’s a quilting machine…vacation, Bernina, vacation, Bernina…

I love leftovers!

Aren’t leftovers the best, leftover meatloaf made into a sandwich, or how about leftover spaghetti and leftover pizza for breakfast. Okay what I really want to talk about are leftover half square triangles from my Swoon quilt. I wasn’t sure what to do with them and here’s what I came up with. This quilt top was made will all leftover pieces, I didn’t have to cut into any fabric for this.

I still can’t believe that I put this together, amazing what I can do when I put a little thought into a project.

Let’s meet in the middle

That’s what I call this quilt. It’s like when you’re planning something with a friend and you say ‘Let’s meet in the middle’. I actually made this for one of my best ‘sista’ friends and even labelled it ‘Let’s meet in the middle’. Sorry forgot to take a pic of the label, duh!

Bird in the hand…

I decided to call this quilt Bird in the Hand, why you ask. When I first started to put together this quilt, my 2nd one ever, I decided that I would try to quilt this baby by hand. I machined stitched the pieces and the blocks together, but I needed a challenge and boy did I get one. It looks so easy in the YouTube videos I was watching. After many finger pricks and 2 calloused middle fingers I finally got it finished, it only took 3 months, and not any fancy pattern here. Please don’t judge my stitches, I’ve been told by pro quilters that it takes many, many quilts to master the hand quilting stitch.

BTW: It was very, very relaxing, I think I’ll give it another try.